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30 years of permanent partnership in temporary accommodations for events and housing

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We are your trusted partner for safe and top quality temporary accommodation or housing. Tailored to your situation, occasion, event or challenge.

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Your reliable partner for temporary accommodation

We gladly help and offer advice as we work together on a solution for your specific needs. There are few limits to what we can offer. As fixed supplier we are relied upon by many event agencies, hospitality services and intermediaries for years. From business fairs to public food events, product presentations, private parties, festivals or temporary sheltering: we know our way in every world. Your world is ours as well. We can deliver on short notice and turn-key anywhere in Europe. Our materials meet the highest safety and quality standards, and our service is based on the core principle of adaptability. Our team can arrange temporary accommodation for you at any time and place. Even at the shortest notice. In 24 hours in case of emergency.

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When 17,000 runners expect perfect care in just several hours, I count on Intersettle
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Our tents

  • The VIP Pagodas features white side and roof canvasses, which are easily opened up or folded shut. The side canvasses can be equipped with attractive arched windows. Our VIP Pagodas can be installed with and without flooring. This type of tent does not feature a main tent...

  • A characteristic feature of the Alu VIP is its entirely detached structure with a large free span, meaning no troublesome obstacles either inside or surrounding the accommodation. The Alu VIP is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, because the side canvasses can simply be opened up or folded...

  • Another option are attractive arched windows that can be opened up to create a hospitable atmosphere. The Carré is equipped with a ventilation system as well as an unique integrated drainage system, which drains rainwater via the corner pillars. This tent can be easily connected to existing...

  • The Alu Pagoda can also be used as a reception area and can be connected to an Alu Pavilion or Alu VIP tent. As a detached unit, the Alu Pagoda adds a little something extra to any event, such as for promotional purposes. The Alu Pagoda can be equipped with a...

  • A stylish canopy or entrance, promenade or accommodation in and of itself, the Pergola can do it all. This tent can be equipped with side canvasses, white wall panels, or luxury glass panels. Apart from straight sections, we can also provide curved sections, to allow...

  • The iconic Stretch Tent is an excellent choice for private occasions, corporate gatherings, and public events. The Stretch Tent is elegant, has a natural feel, and is made of flexible stretch fabric supported by poles of eucalyptus wood. These can be placed in an endless...

  • Our Garden Lodges are top quality, handmade, and equipped with weather-resistant exterior walls. The inside of the walls and ceiling are finished with high-grade cotton and entirely printed by hand. Special fabrics with beautiful prints, equipped with thin cotton drapes with...

  • The Alu Pavilion comes with white plastic wall panels, a white canvas roof, and white facades, but these can also be replaced with luxury glass panels or side canvasses featuring arched windows to allow for panoramic views. On top of that, the Alu Pavilion features wooden cassette flooring and luxury...

  • The Vision comes with horizontal glass panels, a white canvas roof and white facades. The Vision can also be equipped with cassette flooring and luxury glass doors with push bars, and can easily be connected to existing buildings or other tents. Thanks to its modular...

  • The height of the Manhattan adds another dimension to this accommodation type. As such, it is very representative and suitable for receiving large crowds and facilitating conferences, seminars, assemblies, and other large-scale gatherings. Due to optimal insulation and ventilation, any stay in the...

  • The Double-Decker has a built-in second storey and is excellently suited as hospitality accommodation for sports events and a range of other events. Due to this second storey, more space is created on the same surface area. The two storeys of this multifunctional accommodation type can be divided up...

  • Painstakingly and lovingly restored with attention to the smallest detail, these tents literally reflect the glamour of the illustrious ‘fin de siècle’ era. Due to their stylish, atmospheric appearance, these Mirror Tents are primarily used for events of an intimate and special nature.


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