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Organising an event for thousands of visitors?

Festivals, mass events and concerts: Intersettle knows the live entertainment world inside out. Examples of our experience are Dance Valley, Parookaville, SAIL Amsterdam and Ground Zero.

  • Festival season
    We are headed outside!

    During the festival season, Intersettle can be spotted throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

  • supplier and consultant
    Any location

    For every imaginable festival activities from the entrance to backstage crew and tents.

  • Large stage
    The show is on

    Major artists deserve a stage of major proportions.

  • Grand and huge

    During SAIL Amsterdam, millions of people visit our capital. A beautiful event, full of Intersettle’s temporary accommodations.

  • Overview
    A room with a view

    Experience events at great heights from the balcony in your Double-Decker tent.

  • Square

    An inspiring and relaxed atmosphere where people will love to come together.

Arranging a large public event where thousands of people expect proper facilities and accommodation: that is no picnic. Intersettle has been around in the events sector and is therefore not simply a supplier, but an advisor as well.

Gazebo rentals for festivals

We love the sense of freedom, the outdoors and light-hearted fun that are so typical for public festivals. This same atmosphere must be kept alive under the roofs. Our temporary accommodation creates a spacious atmosphere that seamlessly fits the general vibe of the festival.

From the entrance to the backstage and crew areas: any festival always requires temporary accommodation. For every aspect and activity, with the most diverse locations and functions.

Many festivals rely on Intersettle for their accommodation, fully or partially. We know exactly what is required and can therefore advise your organisation in the preparatory phases as well.

More information about our rental solutions for festivals

Intersettle greatly values creating the right atmosphere. We therefore focus on the smallest details while we transform your festival plans in safe, functional and cost-effective solutions.

Curious about how Intersettle can support you with our festival accommodation? Feel free to email or call us and we can tell you everything about the possibilities. We would also love to visit you in person.