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Sport events

A grand sport event needs temporary accommodation

We can build the additional areas exactly as you desire them. Whether as an extension to existing clubhouse buildings, right next to them, or even at the external location for a large public match.

  • Large or small

    Temporary extend your club’s facilities for a spectacular sports event in a way that will be the talk of the town for a long time to come.

  • Hospitality pavilion

    The perfect accommodation for all guests, from athletes to visitors and from press to sponsors.

  • Extra space

    Spacious, and yet comfortable and warm. You will feel right at home in our accommodations.

  • services

    Not only the accommodations, but also everything that comes with it we can arrange for you.

  • At any location

    Additional changing rooms, a larger clubhouse, registration tents, or pressrooms…

  • Game, set, match
    Up close

    Experience the match as through you are out on the field yourself.

  • Extra club house
    A great look

    Expand your facilities, and with that the added value of the activity you offer.

Hospitality during sport events

Most sport events draw massive crowds. Organising one is therefore quite an endeavour. Spectators, athletes, their teams, and sponsors each require their own type of accommodation and guidance in a safe and representative environment.


Temporary sport villages

Serious events in golf, tennis, hockey or other sports often require the establishment of a small village. Complete with lodging, conferences and hospitality services surrounding the field.

We are involved with the organisation of several main events in sports, such as TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Special Olympics Amsterdam, Johan Cruyff Foundation, Museumplein Polo Amsterdamthe Euro Hockey League finals and the de Champions League finale in Milan, Lisbon and München.

Here we do not just construct the temporary areas, but also every additional requirement, such as climate control and all infrastructural requirements. Taking these issues out of your hands allows you to focus on what you do best: organizing the actual event.


More info about what is possible?

Would you like to know more about how Intersettle can help with your sport event? Please contact us by email or telephone and we can tell you all about it. We would also like to come visit you at your planned location.