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Intertent’s Manhattan is an outsider, in the positive sense of the word. This very modern and stylish accommodation can be used for many different applications.

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The height of the Manhattan adds another dimension to this accommodation type. As such, it is very representative and suitable for receiving large crowds and facilitating conferences, seminars, assemblies, and other large-scale gatherings. Due to optimal insulation and ventilation, any stay in the Manhattan is bound to be exceedingly comfortable. The Manhattan is 8 metres tall. Its walls are available in two sizes, 10 metres tall and 12 metres tall, and there are two width options, namely 20 and 30 metres. The Manhattan can also be equipped with a second storey. The Manhattan meets the most stringent European standards with regards to construction and fire safety.


Dimensions: available on request


Lighting and sound

Electrotechnical facilities




Heating and air conditioning

Safety provisions