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Stretch Tent

The Stretch Tent has its origins in the ancient Bedouin tribes, for whom tents were an important part of society. Over the years, this type of tent has evolved extensively and found its way to the temporary accommodation industry, while retaining all of its original charm.

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The iconic Stretch Tent is an excellent choice for private occasions, corporate gatherings, and public events. The Stretch Tent is elegant, has a natural feel, and is made of flexible stretch fabric supported by poles of eucalyptus wood. These can be placed in an endless number of configurations, to create any desired shape. The sides can be opened up or folded shut. The Stretch Tent can be installed with or without wooden floors and can be installed quickly under any circumstances, in any desired location. Stretch Tents can be installed on their own or connected to one another. Our Stretch Tents are available in various colours and can also be used as canopies or as additional decoration to create an intimate, personal atmosphere in large spaces.


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