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Vision Wings

The Vision Wings embodies Intersettle’s idea of ultimate freedom. Its unique looks and remarkable features are guaranteed to catch the eye at every event. When inside, visitors enjoy the spacious interior created by the high curved ceiling and a panoramic view to the outside. Vision Wings extends this wide and open feel to its outer areas with its roofed terrace under the suspended awning. Constructed entirely from modular parts, Vision Wings puts no limits to shaping and adapting its form to fit your specific event and purpose. Like we said: ultimate freedom!

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Vision Wings is the pride of Intersettle: a unique pavilion that is unmatched in its allure. It has the typical Vision features: the curved ridge and either solid walls or glass panels to grant a panoramic view. Yet its many integrated extra novelties grant your event that extra special appearance. Its grand interior can be easily enlarged through its modular construction, while there is plenty of room under the high roof for any desired equipment, from lighting and sound systems to video and much more.


Key features

  • Suspended awning (the ‘Wing’)
  • Unique integrated covered terrace
  • Curved roof at unsurpassable height
  • High-quality finish
  • Panoramic view

Loadbearing capacity

  • Max floor load 500kg/m2.
  • Max ridge beam load 200kg.
    With weight distributed equally between left and right beams: 125kg per beam

The Vison Wings allows modular construction, with minimum dimensions of 15m wide and 10m long, extendable per 5 metres.

Vision Wings is made of aluminium, canvas, glass, concrete plywood and trespa. Yet the precice materials can be adjusted to taste.



Lighting and sound

Electronic equipment

Sanitary facilities


Heating and air conditioning

Safety features

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