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Ice rinks

Planning on constructing an ice skating rink this winter?

 They’re an increasingly familiar sight: rinks of artificial ice in the centres of our towns and villages. Softer winters means that natural ice is getting less common, which makes these ice rinks a perfect alternative. Intersettle has been building (temporary) accommodation at the ice rinks for years now.

  • Go for a skate
    Icy fun for all ages

    Enjoy yourself both on and next to the rink.

  • Gliding

    Experience the Dutch winter on an artificial ice rink .

  • Indoor ice rink

    The climate indoors is pleasant, thanks to the sunlight coming in through the transparent roof. The ultimate winter sports experience in your own ice rink.

  • Covered rink
    Great appeal

    A temporary mobile ice rink in the centre of the city is sure to draw great crowds.

  • Stylish building

    A beautiful ice rink with the perfect facilities for ice skaters and visitors alike.

An ice rink that offers the full experience, is one fully accommodated for reception, gathering, relaxing and of course winter drink and foods such as split pea soup, mulled wine, and hot chocolate. We can tell you all about the options.

Like to see what’s possible?

Would you like to know more about hiring a fitting pavilion for at the ice rink? Please contact us via email or phone and we will go through all the options. We would also love to visit you in person.