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AIR8 HEPA-air filtering system

Every breath we take, exposes us to invisible floating micro parts, called aerosols. The buildings in which we reside are filled with a mixture of these microscopic chemical, organic and biological pollutants. These can be household dust (such as pollen, particulates and mould), fine particles (such as bacteria, aromatic compounds and smoke) and nano particles (such as viruses and chemical compounds).


The coronavirus also belongs to this category of nano particles. These airborne particles can traverse up to ten metres and remain in the interior for many hours. The good news is that providing clean air is easier than you might think. With an AIR8 HEPA air filtering system from Intersettle you can install a powerful filtering technology to enjoy safe and clean air.

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AIR8 HEPA air filtering system

Clean air has never been more important

Each breath exposes us to invisible floating micro parts: various chemical, organic and biological pollutants that are present in the buildings where we spend our days. When the ventilation in an area is insufficient, these nano and micro particles remain afloat for several hours, along with the allergens, bacteria and active viruses (such as COVID-19) that are part of the mixture. Is this also an issue for your office, school, organisation, hotel, restaurant or cafe? Use the chart below to check how urgently your interior needs our AIR8 HEPA air filtering system.

What actions can you take to disinfect the air?
In response to your urgent need of safe air we can offer an immediate solution. In the fight against COVID-19, air purification systems that use HEPA filters have proven to be effective. This technology has been used for decades in the medical field and is capable of filtering out even the smallest viruses. Choose the highly efficient AIR8 system from Intersettle for a safe interior environment and to take responsibility for protecting your employees, customers and/or visitors.


Safety inside through medical technology

Based on our measurements of the interior air quality, we deploy medical technology by installing and maintaining a user-friendly system. You will receive a custom-made offer based on your particular circumstances, such as location and surroundings, any existing air treatment systems and the use and purpose of the area.


Our services

Clean air is a basic human need
We offer an all-in-one service for a custom-made solution that seamlessly fits your needs. Nothing more and nothing less. Providing a safe interior to your customers and co-workers is only a few simple steps away.

  1. Place your request: contact us and let us improve the air at your location immediately. We visit your space(s), measure the air quality and investigate the air circulation.
  2. Receive a custom-made proposition: receive an offer from us presenting the best combination of our technologies and additional service options. Fully customised to fit your specific location. This solution includes custom configuration, selection of the proper AIR8 system, transport and installation, user-ready setup, instructions and technical support.
  3. Financial considerations: Select the financial option that fits your budget and business. We offer two options: purchase or lease.
  4. Select your maintenance service pack: We take care of maintenance for the independent system, including replacement of the HEPA filter and UV-C lamp and monitoring the AIR8 air filtering system.
  5. Communication details: When you prefer to communicate about your newly installed system to let your co-workers and customers know about the newly created safe air, we can help you get the message right.

Customised solutions for clean air at temporary accommodation

Minimal efforts with maximum results
Naturally we can also provide the AIR8 filtering solution in any temporary interior space. Our Intersettle team is at your service and ready to provide you a fitting system for the type and use of your space, your user demands and the standards in your industry.