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Reliable and atmospheric, flexible, practical, and highly representative: these terms describe the Alu VIP, which is suitable for many different types of events. Due to its flexibility, the Alu VIP is a popular choice for both large and small-scale events.

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A characteristic feature of the Alu VIP is its entirely detached structure with a large free span, meaning no troublesome obstacles either inside or surrounding the accommodation. The Alu VIP is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, because the side canvasses can simply be opened up or folded shut depending on the weather. The walls can also be equipped with attractive arched windows. As such, the Alu VIP is suitable for any party, no matter its size. The Alu VIP can easily be connected to existing buildings or other accommodations, can be installed quickly under any circumstances due to its modular design, and can be installed with or without a modular floor. Intersettle can also provide you with complete furnishings, entirely in line with the look and feel of your event. The Alu VIP meets the most stringent European standards with regards to construction and fire safety.


Dimensions: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 metres wide, and expandable in length in 3-metre increments.


Lighting and sound

Electronic facilities




Heating and air conditioning

Safety provisions